RailMan is an online platform for analysis and processing of data generated by different trackside systems. It is indigenously developed by Apna Technologies & Solutions and can integrate with any trackside equipment that uses the predefined openXML protocol. RailMan presently analyzes data from WILD.

WILD – Wheel Impact Load Detector Wheel Impact Load Detector is an unmanned trackside system that measures the impact load on the rails to detect defects in the rolling stock. The data from the site is transmitted to a remote server via GPRS where it is analyzed for any abnormalities and reported to the TXR. The web based software is customizable

and provides a wide array of reports for detailed analysis of the rolling stock. Thus the report for a passing train is available within minutes of the train crossing the system. Various alarms have been configured based on extensive trial data. The following pages contain reports for up to of 20,000 trains for each installation.